Junky | They/he | Punk Flower Bastard
Haitian-American comic/OC artist from Florida
Devil's Advokid on Tapas and WebtoonsPlease don’t DM me
Unless it’s for a commission



Paypal or Cashapp!
You pay after the final sketch

Wont do:
Design a character for you
NSFW or Suggestive art
Hateful or offensive imagery
Vent art (idk what yer goin thru)

Flats/Simple Shade -$20

Whole package - $40

Comic Page - $60

If you want a page, you have to think of the dialogue or plot of it! Please don’t ask me what YOUR character would say :,)

Animated Pic- Ask me!

If you’ve seen those edited things I post sometimes and you want something like that, ask me about it first!My abilities are limited since I only use Photomosh for most of em.